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Changing faces after six weeks of lockdown

People have been sharing pictures of how their appearance has changed after six weeks of the coronavirus lockdown.

Some say they have been embracing their "new norm" and may keep their new look - while others said they were "desperate" for the restrictions to be eased so they could get a haircut.

James SpoonerImage copyrightJAMES SPOONER

James Spooner, 48, from Glasgow, said he initially thought his new look was funny.

"I've never had long hair before but I'm starting to wonder how long it's going to get if this lockdown lasts much longer.

"My wife says my hair is growing upwards instead of downwards, which is quite funny.

"My daily exercise is to cycle, so I had been managing to keep it hidden under my helmet - but then I got caught out in the garden the other day by the neighbours."

He added that he loved his new bushier beard because it covered "a multitude of chins".

Alan SimpsonImage copyrightALAN SIMPSON

Alan Simpson, 63, from Edinburgh, said he normally had his hair cut every four weeks.

"I'm desperate to get to a hairdressers," he said.

"My hair is so long now it is taking ages to dry in the mornings, so I need to get it cut as soon as possible."

Eila RodnightImage copyrightEILA RODNIGHT

Eila Rodnight, 66, from Aberdeenshire, said she was "desperate" to have her hair cut.

"I like keeping my hair short and in a nice style where I can put some gel in it and give it a bit of a spike," she said.

"Now it's so overgrown I can't do that any more.

"It doesn't look right and is unkempt, so I'm going to have to ask my husband to cut it for the first time in the 43 years that we have been married."

Alistair DavidsonImage copyrightALISTAIR DAVIDSON

Alistair Davidson, 60, from St Andrews in Fife, said he "quite liked" his new "groovy look".

He said: "When you get older you have to be careful not to look shabby and try to be well presented, but at the same time you need to innovate and have a new look from time to time.

"This lockdown gives us that opportunity to experiment. We can see what we look like with longer hair.

"I like it. I might ask the hairdresser to keep mine a bit longer when I next get my hair cut."

Khi LeonardImage copyrightKHI LEONARD

Khi Leonard, 45, from Glasgow, said he loved his new look.

He said: "You can't turn up at work with messy hair, so this is an excuse not to have to worry about our hair.

"I love it. Hair is pretence and now I don't have to preen any more, it's brilliant."

Jan FirstImage copyrightJAN FIRST

Jan First, 51, from London, said his fiancee was more bothered about his bushy new hair than he was.

He said: "She wants it cut. The trouble with my hair is it doesn't grow down the way, it grows out.

"I don't mind at the moment, I'm fine, I'm not banging on the hairdresser's door quite yet."

Leo PankowiakImage copyrightLEO PANKOWIAK

Leo Pankowiak, 76, from Edinburgh, said: "No hair grows on my head now, I'm as bald as a coot.

"But my beard has been growing. I haven't been shaving it because I'm not going anywhere so there is nobody to see what it looks like.

"I can't decide what I will do with it once the lockdown is over. I do quite like how it covers my cheeks that are hanging down these days."

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-52488116?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.com/news/coronavirus&link_location=live-reporting-story

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